• March 12, 2024
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Everything to Know About Niacin for Haircare

Everything to Know About Niacin for Haircare

If you’ve been looking at new beauty products to purchase recently, especially if you have a particularly nice Ulta coupon to use, chances are that you’ve at least seen the word “Niacin” used on the label of a few haircare products. Both high-end and drugstore products are starting to incorporate niacin into their products, but if you’ve never heard of this product, you may not know why it can be helpful or what it can do for your hair. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Niacin?

Niacin is just another name for Vitamin B3. It’s one of the vitamins that we need to survive, but our bodies don’t produce it naturally. The good news is that it’s in most foods we eat, so niacin deficiency is rare, as most people get niacin in different types of meat, while vegetarians will typically get enough through foods like mushrooms and avocado.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Niacin?

Niacin generally keeps your body functioning properly, and body-typical levels of niacin are an important component of health. However, there have also been some signs that niacin could assist in healthy hair growth overall. Because niacin can impact blood circulation, a slightly higher level of niacin may bring oxygen to the hair follicles more regularly, impacting hair growth. This is why some dermatologists may recommend it for those with alopecia conditions.

How Can You Use Niacin?

You can use niacin as either a supplement or as a topical ingredient. If you’re the only person steering your haircare journey, it’s typically best to stick to topical niacin applications; most people get more than enough niacin from their daily diet, and supplementing with too much niacin can lead to complications due to an overdose in your body.

However, haircare products with niacin are a great option. As long as you patch test them to ensure that you don’t have a reaction, these can be a great way to grow stronger, healthier hair. It’s typically recommended to let these products sit on your hair for 3-4 minutes if possible so that the active ingredients can soak into the skin.

Where Can You Find Products With Niacin?

Many hair products exist with niacin in them. That includes everything from drugstore products to high-end products. If you’re struggling with hair loss or you just want some more beautiful hair, there are many haircare products with niacin that you can find in your favorite stores. Just look for “Niacin” on the product label or do a search through the website.


Niacin can be a great way to impact hair growth. Although it’s certainly most commonly used by people who are currently experiencing hair loss, those with normal growth can also use it to encourage even stronger, healthier hair. This guide can help you decide how to use niacin in your daily haircare routine, no matter what products you’re interested in.

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