• July 14, 2024
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What are binary options scams in India?

What are binary options scams in India?

Binary options trading became popular with the general public during the past decade. It is a digital version of trading using earnings and losses. The validity period of the trade, whether it will be won or lost, can range from five minutes to one hour and up to several weeks. It allows potential investors to use intra-day market volatility for quick gains without having to monitor real-time movements.

What are binary options scams?

Binary options scams work by presenting themselves as trading companies that allow people who would like to try their hand at investing in financial markets without needing too much knowledge or experience. 

However, once an investor opens an account with such a company, they can no longer withdraw their money. It’s usually due to over-complicated withdrawal procedures, which require bank transfers and other processes that take up so much more time than when someone invests with a proper broker. 

Other tricks used by such scammers include requiring personal information such as PAN card numbers and Aadhar cards before transferring money, which allows them to steal the investor’s identity.

Once an account has been opened with such brokers, traders are subject to many risks that range from poor customer service (especially when answering queries) and top-heavy terms and conditions that favour the broker over the trader. It’s most often what makes most people suspicious about signing up with any binary options trading company.

All these factors make the Indian market ripe for binary options scams; however, what to do if you find yourself in this situation?

Here are some simple steps one should follow:

Do not accept any bonuses

Please do not accept any bonuses offered by your broker unless they provide you with helpful information on how they work. Many people who sign up with binary options scams fall for these offers. While they might seem like a great deal, the absolute truth is that you will end up losing much more than if you had been trading via another means!

Watch out for market manipulation!

It includes things such as news announcements that affect the overall value. For example, suppose a company announces that it has produced a large amount of oil. In that case, this will increase its value in the market and thus decrease the value of any investments involving other commodities. 

Binary options brokers know how to exploit loopholes to make sure traders lose their money – so keep one eye open at all times!

Remember: There is no such thing as an instant solution for binary trading! Any broker or platform that promises you that you can make millions in a day by investing with them is most likely trying to scam you into handing over your money.

Avoid trading when the market is volatile!

It will only confuse you, especially if this is your first time trading. Wait until you have gained some experience before risking real money on the table.

Never share too much information.

Never give out too much information about yourself unless necessary! As mentioned previously, many binary options brokers require PAN card numbers and Aadhar cards to release any funds to investors. 

Still, these are pieces of information that one should be very careful about sharing because they can be used in ways that might harm your interests later on. Therefore it would be best not to open an account with any broker offering binary options scams if they require information to be handed over.

Remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is! Even binary options brokers limit the amount of money one can make from these kinds of investments – so always do your research and never invest with any company that promises more than that.

In conclusion

Hopefully, this article helps you understand binary options scams in India and how best to protect oneself from falling for them. While options trading in India has been successful for many people worldwide, please remember that you should never invest with any company without thoroughly researching their practices first – especially those who offer such excellent returns as soon as you sign up!

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