• March 12, 2024
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How to Get a Great Job as a Fashion Cosmetologist

How to Get a Great Job as a Fashion Cosmetologist

The unsung heroes of the fashion world are, without a doubt, the cosmetologists that help the designers’ vision come to life through creative makeup and hair styling. But, how do you get into such an exciting and interesting career?

Starting Out

The starting point of all fashion cosmetologists is similar, having all received training in their respective fields. Then, the next step would usually be to start as a hairstylist or makeup artist who works for a salon or works freelance, gaining experience on photoshoots and shadowing artists that have already made a name for themselves in fashion cosmetology.

Create a Memorable Portfolio

These first steps of your cosmetology career take years of practice, allowing you to create a unique portfolio that presents all of your best work. You should have both a printed and digital version of your portfolio, as many openings will be online. Many agencies search for talent on LinkedIn and Instagram. Combine your portfolio with a killer resume, and you can get your foot in the door of some next-level places. If you want to make a resume that will get people to notice you, ResumeHelp has an example of a cosmetologist resume that is free to use!

You will need to highlight the following skills on a fashion cosmetologist job application:

  • Time management
  • Fast learner
  • Patience and ability to stay calm
  • Attention to detail
  • Technical skills (cutting, coloring, styling, etc.)
  • Creativity
  • Customer service skills

Study Fashion Trends

This may sound obvious, but you will need to tailor your skills toward fashion and pay close attention to emerging trends. You can do this by keeping up with fashion week coverage and reading style edits on major fashion magazines.

If you see the biggest supermodels in the world all wearing green in the same week, chances are it isn’t just a coincidence! Think about how you could create a hairstyle or a makeup look to reflect any specific trend to ensure that when the time comes, you know how to be resourceful and imaginative with creative briefs.

Reach Out

Don’t hesitate to reach out to local magazines and fashion events to make yourself more well-known. For example, even if you are first asked to assist another hair stylist, it is a great way to create contacts and learn new skills. Photos from assisted events can also be added to your portfolio and show potential employers that you are open to collaborating.

It is advised to attend as many shows as possible, whether they are fashion or theatrical. People will start to recognize you, and you can hand out your business card to other cosmetologists working on the show.

Use Social Media Platforms

As mentioned before, using social media is a game-changer if you want to occupy the fashion and creative industries. You can create content that shows off your best work to impress potential fashion employers while also adapting content to build a following.

The Ogle School blog post, Creating Candid, Personable Videos for Social Media, describes several ways beauty industry giants gain traction on their pages. We advise looking at this blog to ensure you cover all the bases with your digital content! The more reach you have, the better!


You may try these tips and feel that you didn’t gain much in return. However, we are here to remind you that making it big in fashion cosmetology takes years of nurturing and honing in on your skill set, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

However, persistence shows great determination, and your portfolio will only grow with the more work you do. So, don’t let this put you off! Hard work pays off, and your excellent cosmetology skill speaks for itself within your portfolio.

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