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Tips for Preventing Windshield Cracks

Tips for Preventing Windshield Cracks

Car care and repair are essential to keep the car in good condition and avoid damage and consequent costs for repairs or replacement of spare parts. As far as the exterior of the used cars for sale in Zambia is concerned, it’s not just car paint and rubber seals that are causing record frost. The windshield is also subject to trauma and stress that can compromise its solidity, and therefore the safety of the driver and passengers.

The windshield of cars is made with advanced technologies and contains a particular sheet inside, which has the function of preventing any glass splinters from hitting the occupants of the passenger compartment. The windshield, in fact, rarely shatters, but it can be subject to cracks, even serious ones, or injuries.

Rule For Prevention:

The first and most important rule for prevention is to carry out a crystal check-up. Therefore, even the smallest chip should not be underestimated, and pay attention to the practical advice of specialists:

Never use salt to free the glass from ice. In addition to scratching the windshield, the salt can attack and corrode the inner layer of the glass in the event of a crack or chip. Please note, Chemical sprays can be used for defrosting as long as there are no chips or cracks in the windshield.

Do not pour boiling water on the windshield and do not aim the jet of hot air directly on the glass. Extreme differences between the air delivered to the glass and the temperature of the same impose a high level of stress on the windshield. It is therefore important to warm the windscreen slowly, avoiding direct jets of very hot air.

Do not try to break the ice layer with pointed or angular objects. Such behavior leads to the possibility of damaging the glass. It is good to wait until the windshield is partially thawed and then scrape the ice with a plastic spatula. Chemical sprays can be used for defrosting as long as there are no chips or cracks in the windshield.

Do not use damaged wipers. During autumn and winter, the wipers work overtime! A worn wiper could damage the windshield. In the repair centers it is possible to carry out a free check-up and, if necessary, to replace them, recommended in any case at least once a year.

There are several situations that can lead to having to replace or repair the windshield. Among the most common causes are road accidents and atmospheric agents: heavy rain, hail, and excessive cold can cause serious damage to the windows, especially if the used cars for sale in Zambia owner tries to remove the ice and snow using ineffective and dangerous systems, such as hot water and sharp objects.

Another circumstance that can cause the glass to break is represented by the impact of a stone on the windshield: it may happen that other cars accidentally hit pebbles, which can end their run right on the glass. And the problem of the windshield broken by a stone has sometimes occurred as a result of vandalism.

Tend To Deteriorate:

Temperature fluctuations have always been a threat to the health of the car and to the safety of drivers and passengers. In addition to being decisive for the mechanical aspects of the car and for some components such as tires, the cold and winter precipitation are among the major threats to the car’s windshield and glass. 

With colder temperatures, in fact, road surfaces – especially in extra-urban areas – tend to deteriorate more easily, creating debris on the road. The impact of a stone or debris, raised by other moving vehicles, falling on the windshield, or vibrations while driving on a rough surface are the main causes of damage to the glass and it is, therefore, essential to be careful.

Solve It Quickly:

Even the sudden change in temperature is not good for the used cars for sale in Zambia windows: if you are already in the presence of a chip, with the sudden temperature excursion generated by the heating of the car inside and the cold temperatures outside, the damage could transform in a crack, forcing us to replace a windshield that we could have repaired, even for free if you are covered by your window policy.

Do not generate sudden thermal shocks. If already in the presence of a chip on the glass, with very cold outside temperatures, it is a good idea to avoid directing hot air exclusively on the windshield and run the fans at high speed immediately as soon as you get into the car.

It is therefore important to heat the glass slowly, avoiding direct jets of very hot air. Also, remember not to pour hot or boiling water on the windshield, if, in low night temperatures, you find yourself with the windshield frozen.

After having checked the state of the used cars for sale in Zambia windshield and its integrity with the check-up, Experts recommend carrying out a treatment that is particularly useful in this season, such as rain protection. Applied in the winter months, Rain Repellent delays the formation of ice and frost and facilitates their removal.  

Even in the case of a chipped car windshield, it is essential to solving the problem quickly, both to avoid causing more serious damage and to guarantee the highest degree of safety for you and your passengers. In addition, the integrity of the window is checked during the periodic vehicle inspection check: in case of anomalies, before obtaining the positive result, the inspector may ask to repair the windshield. If the driver is caught by the police in driving with broken windows, he is subject to an administrative penalty and the ancillary penalty of two points deduction from the driving license.

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