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Mastering the art of layering your jewellery

Mastering the art of layering your jewellery

Jewellery is an emotion, and it never loses its charm however long it stays with us. At one point of time, when all of us need a change, layering jewellery will create a new look even for the already existing jewellery that you have. Layering is the current fashion and the easiest way to transform the look with one’s antique ornaments. Experimenting with jewellery will also give rise to most of the chic looks, and one can store all these ideas and their best-curated looks for future use by replicating the same.

Tips & Tricks to Layer Jewellery

There are certain tricks and hacks to layer neckpieces and create a stunning look. They are:

  1. Length of the Neckwear

Layering is a skill that requires minding the length and weight of all the necklaces to create a balanced look. The heavier and longer ones have to take the bottommost position, and from there, one should stack up the chest with the second heaviest and so on. Three necklaces are ideal for style and pair but opt for five chains in a row for a bolder and distinctive look. The choker must be the topmost necklace with the medium-sized one and the lengthier one below. If one opts for five chains, they should be placed accordingly based on their lengths.

  • Consider the Neckline

The neckline is a factor that directly influences the way a person should layer her neckpieces. For example, a sweetheart neckline goes well with an ethnic collar necklace, and an off-shoulder one complements the choker very beautifully. Diamond jewellery gifts play a significant role in necklace layering as they are of various styles from sleek to chunky ones. Furthermore, a high neck is best for sleek layers of three chains, while a deep neck is best for layers contained within the deep neck pattern.

  • Space the Neckwear Properly

The material of the necklaces and the appropriate spacing are required to prevent any tangles. It is always good to start with a choker and go down with longer chains with ample space to avoid a messy look. There should be a minimum of one inch  between each necklace to look neat and classy.

  • Experiment with Styles

Layering gives a person the ultimate liberty to try out various mixes and matches with all the different neckpieces at hand. There is no rule or norm that one should style together with all the jewellery of the same kind The biggest surprise and fun factor is achieving the perfect look with a blend of all the different materials and patterned neckwear. 

Simple Moves for Layering

Below are listed the fundamental and fun tips to layer necklaces the best way. They are:

  • Play with colours. This is all about contrast and brings the focus point-coloured stones that one owns.
  • Wear bold and chunky neck wears in rows to accentuate the look of a simple outfit or solid patterns.
  • Mix with different metals and textures. This is all about creativity, and there is no right and wrong while mixing all the metals.

Summing It Up

Layering is for people who own a collection that has various lengths, colours and shapes. It is simply the best way to create and innovate ideas in styling with our neck assets. Layering rings is also another skill, and this is called ring stacking. Diamond rings for girls are available in various patterns and styles to be layered to create an exquisite look along with the necklace layering ideas.



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