• July 14, 2024
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Know All Guide for Choosing the Right Dining Table for Your Home

Know All Guide for Choosing the Right Dining Table for Your Home

Many of us are so engrossed with selecting the right bed furniture and living room furniture that we often ignore another essential area of our interior space, that’s the dining space. Choosing the right type of dining table is essential to give a striking look to your interior. The question remains, how do I choose the best dining table? Below are some factors to ponder upon before you make the final decision.

1. Size and Space in the Dining Room: The first and the foremost thing that you need to consider even before you can begin your search is how much space do you have allotted this area? What’s the shape of the dining area, is it square or rectangle? These questions become your foundation. Once you have the dimensions of the space right, you will be able to better judge if it can accommodate a 4 seater dining table or it can hold the bigger ones. The thumb rule while checking the dimensions is that you leave at least 3 feet of space from the wall for placing the dining table so that you can comfortably move around even with people sitting at the table.

2. The Model and Style of the Dining Room: Matching your dining table to the interior décor of your dining area remains a priority. There is no dearth of the different models that are available in the market and online store. If you live in a small apartment, look for sleek dining tables with slim tabletops and chairs without the hand rests so that it occupies lesser space. From more modish designs, traditional engraved ones to country-style ones, you have a plethora of options available out there.

3. The Shape of the Dining Table: For smaller space, round-shaped, 4 seater dining tables of 36-48 inches suit the best. Oval and rectangle shape dining tables are good for little larger spaces. Usually, a rectangle table of 72 inches gives the seating space for 6 people while 96 inches rectangle table can seat 8 people.  All these dining tables have different seating capacities like 4 seaters, 6 seaters, and even 8 seaters.

4. The Finish and Material of the Dining Table: This plays a very important role while you select a dining table. While choosing the material keep in mind the durability and maintenance factor. Unlike earlier times, these days dining tables are available in different materials like wooden, glass top, marble top, treated wood, granite to name a few. While choosing a wooden dining table, always opt for hardwood like oak, walnut, or teak, they have a great finish that remains good for several years to come. Inclination towards glass top dining tables has also been noticed among in last few years. Glass top dining tables blend well with almost all sorts of décor and no wonder these are picking up on popularity. If you want your dining area to scream luxury then go with marble or granite top dining tables.

Other factors like the seating chairs of the dining table also should be considered before making the final decision. Give your dining space a facelift with the right kind of dining table.

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